Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.  Here are a selection of the most commonly asked questions.

Questions about the Ceremony

Will my wedding be legally recognised back at home?

All Catholic weddings are legally recognised throughout the world.  After the wedding we register the wedding with the local Civil Registry office.  We send out your certificate 4 – 6 weeks after the wedding.  We will send out a list of the required paperwork for a Catholic wedding once the booking is confirmed.

Blessings are not legally recognised and you will need to have a Civil Wedding either at home or in Gibraltar before the blessing.

Do the priests speak English?

We work with churches where the parish priest is English speaking.  The ceremony will be predominantly in English.

Is there communion at the ceremony?

In line with Spanish tradition, Catholic weddings are generally without communion.  At some churches, the priest will include communion in the ceremony on request.  Information on the rules at individual churches is available on our churches page.

Who provides the Mass Booklets?

It is up to the individual couple to provide their own Mass Booklet.  We can arrange to have this printed in Spain or you can bring them with you.  We have templates for the ceremony, tailored to the requirements of the different churches.

Is there any restrictions on the music for the ceremony?

Most churches require the music to be religious or classical.  Some priests are more relaxed when it comes to the music for the signing of the register and exit songs, but generally they need to be ‘suitable to be played in church’.

For a blessing the music is at the choice and the discretion of the couple.

Do we have a rehearsal?

This varies from church to church and we have specified this on the churches page.

Are we allowed confetti?

Yes, in Spain you are allowed confetti both at churches and at blessing venues.  Please note that confetti is not readily available in Spain (the Spanish throw rice – not to be encouraged in our opinion – it hurts!).  We suggest that you ask guests to bring it from home.

Are blessings religious or non-religious?

This is completely up to the individual couple.  Blessings can be personalised to suit the requirements of each couple.  We work with different ministers to accommodate the ceremony that each couple desires for their special day.

Questions about the Reception

Can we give our guests at choice on the day of the wedding?

Menus in Spain are set menus.  At most venues you can give your guests a choice of main course in advance (normally when the invitations are sent out) and when you send in seating plan with final numbers, 2 weeks before the wedding, you also indicate which guest is having which dish.

What decorations are provided by the hotels?

All hotels provide standard table centres as part of their package.  You can choose the colour of the centres, to match the colour scheme of the wedding, but not the individual types of the flowers.  Some couples do choose to change these centres to suit their individual choices.  There are some examples of peronsalised centres on the Table Centres page.

Can we have the speeches before the meal?

Hotels in Spain are generally quite flexible about when you have the speeches, although most will not allow them between courses, as it makes the timing of the food challenging for the kitchen.  Some hotels do put a time limit on the speeches if they are before the meal.

What drinks are included with the package?

All hotels that we work with include free flowing red and white wine, beer, soft drinks and water throughout the meal.  A glass of cava for the toast is also included in the menu package.

General Wedding Questions

How many times do we need to visit Spain before the wedding?

Ideally we suggest that couples visit a minimum of twice before the wedding.  At the first visit you look at the options for reception venues and choose the one that is perfect for your individual requirements.  This visit would normally be 12 – 18 months before the wedding.  The second visit would be primarily for the taster meal around 3- 6 months before the wedding.  That said, we have clients that for many reasons cannot get to Spain before the wedding, and all details are arranged by email.  Regardless of how often you get to Spain before the wedding we always have a meeting when you come out for the wedding to go over the details of the day, and answer any last minute questions.

Do we need wedding favours?

After 9 years, and having seen many favours left on the tables at the hotels, but we are happy to put them out on the tables if you want to bring them with you.

Are you there on the wedding day?

Absolutely.  We are there from around 2 hours before the ceremony through to first dance.

How much does a wedding in Spain cost?

This is a guide to prices for each of the suppliers.  On each of the venues pages we have given a price to the price of a wedding for 40, 60 and 80 guests at each of the venues for both a blessing and a Catholic Wedding.  The price includes:

  • Drinks reception with canapes for an hour
  • 3/4 course meal – depending on the hotel
  • Basic photography package
  • DVD
  • Flowers for bride, 1 bridesmaid and 4 buttonholes
  • Hair and make up for bride and bridesmaid
  • Wedding Car (where necessary – some venues are walking distance from the church)
  • 55 seater coach (where necessary)
  • DJ for 4 hours
  • Church donation/fee for minister for blessing
  • Fees for Celebrations in Spain

For an indivudual breakdown please contact us.

Where do we start?

Start by filling in the form below and asking for more information on your particular requirements.  We take care of every detail of your wedding so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.


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